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Storytelling isn't a branding buzzword for me: it's the beating heart of everything I create. Every page, post, and script is rooted in story, crafted with journalistic integrity and targeted to engage readers and listeners.

One of the key skills I employ for content development is curiosity. Who is this person, and what makes him or her interesting? What about this particular method makes it stand out from the rest? When will I use this new knowledge? Where are other reliable resources that matter? How will I become a better person because of this information I've discovered? Why would someone want to know about this company's product? The point is to anticipate a question of an audience member and answer it, plain and simple.

As an editorial director and developer, I consider all content to be multipurpose. Of course, it should be tweaked here and there, depending on the delivery method, but overall, content is pliable. What works on the page will work in a brochure, which can be divvied up into strategic blog posts, paired with multimedia, and then condensed with images for the social stream. The core of the story remains intact, but it has the ability to grow in myriad ways.

As a voiceover professional, it's the art of versatile interpretation that matters most. How I entice you as an animated glazed doughnut (a highlight of my career!) is different than a soft speak for a guided meditation; or a detailed account of Melinda's perilous journey toward the rocky cliffs; or step-by-step instruction regarding the procedures for determining the total emissions in tons of pollutants per year of operation, according to the de minimis levels. Tone and approach convey the intended message with purpose.

My experience stems from corporate, personal, marketing, and multimedia communications. I've created effective messaging for a wide range of entities: Fortune 500 clients to universities; government agencies to small businesses; publishing companies to authors. Each partnership is a valued asset, and every project is yet another opportunity to tell a remarkable story.


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