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Every great content development project needs an attentive editorial director. Seeing the potential of authorship, threading the story together, and revealing the core message is what an editor can do to help all work shine.  

An editorial director sees the big picture—and those itty bitty missed commas and funky line breaks, too. I do this for many forms of content including, but not limited to:


  • Copyediting in many formats, across a variety of platforms

  • Manuscript editing for fiction and non-fiction

  • Book consultation for idea development

  • Thesis and white paper review

  • Proofreading

  • Audio editing

  • Project management for communication materials

  • Managerial editing for magazines, websites, and communications projects


Helping you reveal the heart of the story…clearly relate ideas…and promote the best of what you have to offer. My intention is to provide exceptional partnership, encouragement, insight, and direction to realize your goals.

Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your project and to receive a detailed estimate. 


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