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At age seven, I won my first writing award. It was for the compelling tale A Cat Named Pokey. Oh, the accolades! Extra rainbow sprinkles on the class cupcakes, longer recess time on the parallel bars, and Billy Joe Marshall asked if he could walk me to the bus stop. Thrilled, I began an adventurous writing career! 

Over the years, my work as a writer morphed into an editorial director and developer for many forms of content including, but not limited to:

  • Corporate communications

  • Advertising

  • Marketing and branding materials

  • Proposals

  • Fundraising campaigns

  • Online messaging and articles

  • Blog posts

  • Broadcast and podcast features

  • Interviews

  • Magazine/newspaper features and profiles

  • Press releases and story positioning development

  • Ghostwriting

  • Op/ed essays

  • Short stories

  • Book projects


Listen to you, understand your needs, research your audience and topic, enhance solutions, strategize together…all this and more is what an editorial director does for you. Below is a small assortment of clips to demonstrate a scope of ability that may serve you. Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your project and to receive a detailed estimate. 

Feature interview with actor Wendell Pierce for

A journalistic feature highlighting Mr. Pierce's vast efforts to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Article about binge eating disorder for Cottonwood Tucson

A brief overview of this particular medical condition for an addiction rehabilitation center.

Feature on Grow: Johnson County for  Country Gardens magazine

A journalistic piece on a specialized garden and social rehabilitation project.

Feature about organic ingredients Beverage Master Magazine

An in-depth examination of  organic options and processes for craft brewing and distilling.

Profile on a cheesemaking family for Living the Country Life magazine

Multipage feature on a Minnesota family's award-winning cheesemaking process and philosophy. 

Article about understanding hereditary addiction for Twin Lakes Recovery Center

A cross-pollinated online feature picked up by other major outlets.

Feature on hands-on science education for Drake Blue magazine

An in-depth look into the approach of Drake University's Arts and Sciences department.

Story about the growth of winemaking for The Iowan magazine

Multipage feature about the resurgence of winemaking and wineries. 

Feature interview with Dr. Barbara Fredrickson for YogaIowa magazine

A journalistic piece outlining Dr. Fredrickson's research into biological responses to love and positivity. 

Feature interview with the principals of The Food Think Tank for

Introduction of the new program, its purpose, and its goals.

Short piece on bodywork modalities for YogaIowa magazine

A brief story about variious healiing modalities in the field of bodywork.

Feature interview with singer Ann Wilson of Heart for

A jaunty Q&A with Ms. Wilson, the lead singer and songwriter of the legendary rock band. 

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