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The power of audio storytelling continues to thrive, even in our text-to-text, video-focused world. When voices rise together in song, share laughter, or hang on the last word of a loved one, it proves that no matter how many advances we make in technology, the simplicity of the human voice still promotes strong, undeniable connection.

Podcasts, national radio programs, audio and video commercials, narration, b2b materials, tutorials, on-hold messaging, audio books, and even a succulent animated glazed doughnut—these are just a few ways clients use my voice to build connection. Please listen to the demos below. And if you want an impromptu audition—well, just call me!

If you'd like a male voice, Matt Kelley, my partner in life and in business, and an award-winning broadcast journalist, provides great services, too!

We operate from a non-union rate card. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project. 

General Demo - Tracey
Educational Demo - Matt & Tracey
General Demo - Matt
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