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"Tracey provided YogaIowa, a statewide publication for individuals seeking growth, health, and conscious living, with terrific journalistic expertise. Tracey is my go-to writer on technically-challenging topics or articles that require exhaustive subject matter. She can easily grasp the complexities and challenges of any writing project. Her work is impressive, precise, and light.

Tracey’s dedication to YogaIowa, both in terms of writing and her unfailing devotion to Iowa’s yoga community, inspired me to promote her to the position of managing editor—an extra nod to her abilities as a writer/editor and her infectious energy and enthusiasm for connecting with our readers.


Tracey strives for and delivers well-written material. She serves all clients with meticulous attention-to-detail and represents them with the utmost professionalism."

~Angela Ossian


"I have turned to Tracey for writing and marketing services on a number of occasions. She is an enthusiastic project manager and a spot-on effective communicator. She is incredibly thorough; not only in her work, but also in her recommendations. Tracey reinforces concepts with the necessary research into our industry, trends in the field, and then writes to hit a precise target.


She is a versatile writer and idea generator, making it her business to listen to your needs and ideas and then build upon them. She continually offers more than we originally thought we could do and expected to do with our communications."

~J. Mark Maire
Vice President

"Tracey volunteered to take on a strategic planning, educational, and leadership role in creating very successful national, online radio programming. Working with a team of a dozen editors, designers, and art directors, Tracey did an exceptional job in helping everyone understand radio best practices and production. Her contributions resulted in exceeding all ROI measurement goals. I would recommend her for any project management or leadership position. She is a natural teacher and shares her knowledge with intelligence and compassion."

~Deb Gore Ohrn



"I had the pleasure of working with Tracey for several years on the Yoga, Save, Seniors, and Christmas channels at LoveToKnow, where she served as a writer and site editor. Her dedication, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond in order to create outstanding content for the site made her an invaluable asset. Her articles were always error-free and a pleasure to read. I would enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone in need of a top-notch freelance writer."


~Dana Hinders
Group Editor


"I worked with Tracey at Learfield Communications, and I would give her my highest recommendation. The quality of her written work is superb. She's creative, accurate, and concise, and meets deadlines consistently. She follows instructions closely and performs well working independently, which is especially important when you're relying on freelance services.  

In addition, Tracey is a delight to work with! She's a professional in both her personal and writing style and accepts assignments with enthusiasm."

~Rhonda Ludwig
Account Executive

"I recommend Tracey Kelley's work as a communicator and marketing consultant. She took the lead to formulate a series of podcasts for various clients of ours, from topic creation to final production. Most importantly, she made it her job to first ask good questions and understand our clients' needs before proposing a specific direction for the project. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again, and would recommend her work to anyone looking for a professional and focused partner."
~David Brazeal
Operations Manager



"Tracey was able to see the overall vision of my book project and help me clarify the smallest parts so they fit into the larger landscape. It was great to have someone help organize the thoughts and chapters so it made the most impact with the potential reader. Tracey’s combined expertise of editing and yoga is unmatched. I would recommend (and have!) her services to other yoga teachers and therapists and feel like her unique outlook and education are  incredible assets to her gift and skill as an editor."

~Kate Connell Potts
Yoga Business Educator


"We love working with Tracey and she's definitely one of our top freelancers. She always turns in consistent work that's engaging and well-researched."

~Holly Swanson
Managing Editor



"Tracey is smart, reliable, creative, and great to work with. We always appreciate her professionalism and work ethic."

~Christy Potter

Manager of Content Operations

"I feel both very lucky and honored to have Tracey as a part of the Yoffie Life team!"

~Victoria Yoffie




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