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  • Tracey Kelley

The uneven journey of creation

So today I received word that a key creative project in development that was close to completion simply...wasn't. And won't be for another couple of months.

<--All these adjectives apply to my emotions over this news.

Part of my work involves project management. I deal with various timelines and deadlines practically

every day. I do a lot of things, some merely okay, but this I do rather effectively, often because it's a necessity. It's not a luxury to dawdle when a client lays out a lot of money and has certain initiatives to achieve. It's not an option to work from assumptions--communication has to be quite clear in order to accomplish objectives.

I ask a lot of questions.

I make a lot of lists.

I have a pretty sharp memory regarding decisions.

It's what a client deserves, and more.

There's a certain aspect of control that needs tempering in order to maintain balance and not freak out at the slightest upset. This I've learned the hard way. But over time, I've gotten better at creating workarounds and anticipating certain bottlenecks to ease the process.

As creators, we have to strive for this balance, too. Otherwise we'll lose our minds. We'll stop creating, wallow through the pit of insecurity, believe the world is against us. There's a healthy wide-legged straddle of understanding what's out of our control and how we manage expectations.

There are solutions to this creative dilemma. And after a bit more time, this project will come to fruition in a grand way.

I hope. I trust.

I think I need a nap now.

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