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Ah, the waiting...

So remember when I excitedly talked about the arrival of one moment of a single day: essays?

Well, what a difference a few days make.

As the publisher, humanivity, points out:

Dear Fellow Readers,

We have such gratitude for your support of Tracey and Lynne's first book, one moment of a single day: essays. Your interest in their creative work is valued.

We're reaching out now because we've been dealing with an issue this past week that isn't the best. In early November, our printing partner discovered a problem with its glue and binding processes. The company fixed it, reprinted our project, and delivered books to us on December 7th – just in time for your holiday orders.

Unfortunately, we discovered upon examining many volumes in the shipment that the problem wasn't resolved after all: pages fell out of the books soon after they were opened.

Obviously, this isn't normally what happens.

The printer is working now to remedy the situation and will reship new copies to us soon. However, these new books won't be available for holiday gift-giving. We sincerely apologize that this timeline won't be met.

So what we'd like to do is send you something to place in a stocking: lovely bookmarks with cards you can address to your intended recipients, letting them know they (and you!) should receive the actual books in January. Then, we'll take care of shipping books to your friends or loved ones so you don't have to.

If you could, please reply to this email with the following:

  • How many stocking stuffers you need based on your order.

  • The names and addresses of the intended recipients for shipping in January in correspondence with your order --or-- please clarify if you'd still like all books shipped to you.

  • If the books were to be autographed and if so, how many.

We'll plan to mail all stocking stuffers by Monday, December 17th, so as soon as we hear from you, we'll send yours out.

We appreciate your courtesy and patience with this issue. There are many people working behind the scenes to resolve this problem. We'll continue to keep you informed.

The wild world of publishing is certainly exciting!

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