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  • Tracey Kelley

Here's the juggling bit

I try with valor to not succumb to the "I'm So Busy!" refrain of modern life. We recognize and accept what we prioritize, and it's important to take ownership of all that.

Nevertheless, whoo boy! Been some long late-into-the-night days lately.

I often wonder what needs to be sacrificed in order to meet certain entrepreneurial demands. Sleep? Self-care? Time with family and friends? Leisure time? Maintaining a bug-free environment by cleaning house once in a while?

Much of what's happening lately is super. So actualizing gratitude is vital to enjoying not only the good business bits, but also life.

But no matter what magazine headlines blurt, you really can't have it all.

That means some items on the to-do list simply aren't complete. Whether you run a business with many cost centers, manage full-time jobs along with numerous family responsibilities, take care of loved ones--whatever. Each day has a new list, and must be checked accordingly. Many things carry over days--even weeks or months-- later simply because I won't sacrifice everything.

So as I try to juggle it all, some balls drop. I know I can pick them up and add them to the rotation once again. But not before I clean the bathtub while talking with my best friend on a headset after fixing my husband a vegetable-rich dinner prior to taking a quick walk. And...soak. Ahhhhh.

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