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  • Tracey Kelley

All the Hats

It's time to update this website. I have to revamp the scheme, choose a more "hot right now!" Pantone color palette, revise some portfolio entries, update the voice sampler, and a few other tweaks.

I also have a major voiceover project on a zippy deadline, an editorial restructuring of a client's website requiring detailed attention, and my usual weekly clients' expectations to manage.

When you're an entrepreneur, you know there comes a point when you have to delegate duties outside your core competencies to continue the flow. Usually this has to do with finances. I always joke with my CPA that I'll know I really "made it" when I can hire his office to do all my bookkeeping, as well as a personal assistant who can keep me in check.

Haven't achieved either one of those bastions of success yet. Yet. But they're still goals.

So, if financial liquidity isn't quite on point, many ancillary tasks fall to me--or my partner, or sometimes a friend willing to trade graphic design updates for pizza. The barter system actually works well in the solo-preneur world. The kicker is that I actually like doing these tasks, but recognize I really can't work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week and stay healthy. So if some internal business developments happen to fall short of the desired timeline, that's actually a good thing, because it means I'm busy working for clients. Always grateful to take on more projects, even if my website needs a boost or files are in disarray. These tasks will be done eventually.

Too often, people selling workshops post photos of themselves languishing on a beach with the tagline, "Be your own boss!" I often look at those like the green screen behind Zoom conference call participants: it looks great, sure, but those people aren't wearing pants, actually have a five-day pile of dishes behind them, and the cat knocked chocolate milk onto their keyboard.

We strive for balance--but we can't do all the things, all the time. Nevertheless, I'm always open to virtual assistant queries. If you have web experience, all the better!

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