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  • Tracey Kelley

More festival fun: Wordplay

Just a quick note of admiration for the Loft Literary Center's "Wordplay" in Minneapolis. This weekend event was incredible, especially for its inaugural run.

I was able to roam around most of Saturday, May 11th. There was an extensive list of local, regional, and national author appearances, plus workshops, children's activities, dozens of vendors, and other interesting events.

It was outside, too--pretty brave for that time of year!--so food trucks circled around to provide sustenance for hungry readers.

When I'm not working an event like this, I like to have conversations with a variety of people and upload to Instagram.

These interactions are frequently educational and always interesting. I post about these creators and their good works because sharing is caring.

I could write a lot more and position more photos, but must dash off. Mark the event on your 2020 calendar. I'll just leave you with this important message from the Odin and Osgar Company, purveyors of fine literary knicks, knacks, and t-shirts.

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